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Best Plywood Type for Wardrobes in India

Plywood Type for Wardrobes in India

Wardrobes in India are considered very important. For some it is a status symbol for some it is just a piece of furniture. We generally use two types of wood for our Kitchen cabinets and wardrobes.
The two types of wood are
    1. Hardwood Plywood
    2. Blockboard

For kitchen cabinets we use BWR(Boiling water resistant) grade plywood and for wardrobes we use MR(moisture resistant) grade plywood. Let us take a tour and check out which would be the best plywood for making wardrobes.
Before we do that, there is an important point that needs checking. The point is:
Plywood suiting the height of the wardrobe?
Plywood should not be used when exceeding the height og 6 feet because they have such nature that they bend in the middle. Most important thing to consider.Always prefer Block board if you have very high wardrob making plan.
Blockboards are not considered as strong as hardwood plywood, but when it comes to strength comparison plywood is the best. Despite having such strength plywood bend so it doesn’t serve you with the cost. Better make plans earlier and go with Block boards. Block boards when compared to hardwood plywood have lesser tendency to bend in the middle. So while furniture is taken care, it becomes a common point for wood workers to choose block board over plywood for lengthy wooden planks for wardrobe doors.
Wooden Furniture Online

Wooden Furniture Online

Some points to be noted about Blockboards

1. Blockboard is cheap when compared to plywood
2. Blockboard is made from chunks of softwood on which, a thin layer of ply is there on either side. Pine wood block are used in making the famous block board in India.
3. Compared to playwood, block board aave a lesser tendency to bend in the middle of a big wooden plank of wood.

When to choose plywood for wardrobes?

Plywood be a good choice if you have very high wardrobes in your home, try applying plywood instead of blockboards. Buy Commercial MR grade plywood for wardrobes because they have number one quality. Laminated surface will add classy look. As we know moisture resistant playwood can be damaged by water if spilt on yet many people prefer it as it is used in many furniture pieces.
Surfaces which are near water source or where there are chances of water exposure, BWR(Boiling water resistant) grade plywood should be used in order to make it water resistant Plywood. Wardrobes, chairs, Tables etc are made with MR grade Plywood.

Source: www.craftdesignrealisation.com
Tell us which wood do you use for your wardrobe at home.


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