Friday, 8 May 2015

New Pooja Room Vastu Tips you didn't know

Pooja Room Vastu

Pooja area could be a place wherever we tend to worship God for peace and prosperity. Ishanya or north-east is ruled by God and is a wonderful location for pooja area. Locating ‘Pooja room’ in north-east brings prosperity, healthiness, wealth, happiness and peace of mind. North-east is auspicious for alternative reasons. In morning sunrays fall directly from north-east and provides America positive energy.

Location of Pooja area

North-east is a wonderful location for Pooja area. Pooja area in north quadrant provides smart results. You'll be able to prefer east, north and north-east for pooja area. Special pooja’s may be performed in Brahmasthana (center of house). In massive plots, pooja area may be in Brahmasthan (central portion) of the house. Pooja area shouldn't be within bed area. It shouldn't be created on top of, below or next to bathroom or room. It ought to air ground floor, not on story or in basement.

Interior of Pooja area

Idols of God ought to be unbroken in north-east portion of pooja area. The idols shouldn't face each other conjointly the} door of pooja area also. the 2 idols of same god shouldn't be placed in pooja area. The idols ought to be one in. faraway from walls. ‘Kalash’ or water body is in North or East of the space. ‘Deepak’, lamp and ‘Agni’ kund square measure in south-east. we should always face East whereas attend. Avoid keeping significant idols in pooja area. littered and broken idols shouldn't be placed in pooja area. Avoid photos of dead individuals in pooja area. Keep pooja area clean and muddle free. There ought to be one pooja area in an exceedingly house. Pooja Room should be used for alternative functions like storage or alternative room.

According to Vastu, the Puja Mandir ought to be designed fastidiously in order that you gain the positive energies on meditation & worship and feel charged.

 Vastu of Puja area with regard to the house 

1) The Puja area in your home ought to be within the east, the north or the north-east corner of the house.
2) Puja area shouldn't be within the south direction.
3) The Puja mandir shouldn't be within the bedchamber.
4) The Puja area shouldn't be on top of, below or next to rest room or room.
5) Puja area shouldn't be engineered below the steps
6) The Puja area ought to have doors and windows within the north or the east.

Pooja area could be a area or shelf, that is employed to deal with the image of god. It may be Associate in Nursing freelance area or perhaps a shelf wherever pictures of gods square measure unbroken. Pooja area could be a place of worship and may be perpetually clean and neat each by its physical and environmental design.


The Puja area is that the area wherever the family’s deities, idols square measure unbroken and used solely for prayer, worship and meditation. In earlier times, a handy, giant area was solely reserved for this purpose and was sometimes accessed from the front room. However, these days with reduced area convenience, the Puja area has become a small area, generally simply atiny low mandir placed within the room.

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